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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mad Man Trivia An Tobar July 13, 2013

Mad Men
1. Whose psychiatrist said of her, "she seems consumed with petty jealousies and overwhelmed with every day activities?

2. After giving Don Draper a $2500 performance bonus [1960 dollars] Bert Cooper advised Don to take a $1.99 from it and buy what book?

3. What did Roger Sterling conclude from this Bert-Cooper anecdote: "Stop smoking so much! It's a sign of weakness! Do you know how Hitler got Chamberlain to give him everything at Munich? He held a conference at an old palace that forbids smoking. And after an hour and a half of not smoking, Neville Chamberlain would've given Hitler his mother as a dance partner.?"

4. Why did Mad Men character Michael Ginsberg cut off his nipple and hand it to Peggy in a jewelry box?

5. In which season finale of Mad Men was Don Draper fired?
Scroll down for answers.

1. Betty Draper
2. Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged
3. All I can get from this story is that Hitler didn't smoke. And I do.
4. so his feelings can flow for her or because the office's new IBM computer has a plan to "make us all homo" and/or he need's to procreate
5. Season 3

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