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Friday, November 14, 2014

Second Sunday Trivia at An Tobar Irish Pub 11.9.14

Second Sunday Trivia at An Tobar Irish Pub 11.9.14
"The best trivia at the best venue"
Round One
1. Where have all the flowers gone?

2. Connect these words: Family, Tree, General

3. Who is the patron saint of lost causes?

4. After week 9 of the football season, what team has the best record in the NFL?

5. After her comic book creator died in 1947, what superhero began to feature big breasts more than her magic lasso?

6. Founded in 1964 as the Blue Ribbon Sports Company, what shoemaker reportedly had its motto inspired by serial killer Gary Gilmore's last words before his execution in 1977?

7. Which of the following is was never a cable TV show?
Amish Mafia
Amish Paradise
Breaking Amish  
Return to Amish

8. Is a gecko a reptile or an amphibian?

9. What famous barrier was removed on this date [11/9] in 1989?

10. In which hellacious river was the infant Achilles incompletely immersed?

Round Two
1. What is the most well-known brand of beer brewed by Jim Koch's company Boston Beer?

2. Andromeda, Sombrero, and Whirlpool are all examples of what astronomical systems?

3. What product's TV advertisement would typically begin with a celebrity asking, "Do you know me?" Followed by the celebrity pitching for the product and telling the viewers, "Don't leave home without it."

4. The Big Head Ant has replaced what stinging ant in many parts of the state of Florida?

5. According to legend, and Wikipedia, Cronkite Award-winning journalist Ronan Farrow's legal father is Woody Allen, but who may be his biological father?

6. What was Oscar the Grouch's original color?

7. Originally built for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics, what was the name of the Tokyo arena where Cheap Trick performed a concert on April 28, 1978?

8. Which is sweeter tasting a yam or a sweet potato?

9. John Wayne, Billy Bob Thornton, and Fess Parker all portrayed what frontier king and one-time Tennessee Congressman?

10. Which word came to mean "excellent" first, radical or awesome?

Harry Potter
1. What was Dumbledore's Phoenix's name?

2. Who finally fixed Harry Potter's wand at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

3. Who were the only two people to leave permanent, physical scars on Harry Potter's body?

4. What were the first names of Harry and Ginny Potter's three children?

5. What was Neville Longbottom's grandmother's name?

Round Three
1. According to the annual preseason survey of NBA general managers, which team will be most improved in 2014-15?

2. What role will Johnny Depp be playing in the upcoming film, based on the Broadway musical, Into the Woods?

3. The Swiss retailer Migros apologized for selling packets featuring the faces of what two fascists on the side of its packages of coffee creamers? (2 pts)

4. Which came first, Taylor Swift was born or My Cousin Vinny was released in theatres?

5. Who did Dan Akroyd introduce as "every biker's dream ride," before she performed at the 1984 MTV Awards?

6. What does McDonald's call the Egg McMuffin without the yolk?

7. Matt Bissonnette and Rob O’Neill are both claiming to have killed whom on May 2, 2011?

Waynes World8. In the movie Wayne's World, what woman did Wayne and Garth refer to as, "a babe, a robo babe, Babia Major, and Babraham Lincoln?" (I will accept either the actress's name who played the character, or her character's name during Wayne's World.)

FSU football9. What team picked FSU Heisman-trophy winning Quarterback Charlie Ward 26th overall in the first round of the 1994 draft?

"Uniformed branches of the federal government"10. Memorial Day honors whom, and Veteran's Day honors whom? Be specific. (2 pts.)

Bonus Round
1. Who took the alias Alek James Hidell in 1962?

2. On TV's Dukes of Hazard, what were the full first names of Bo and Luke Duke?

3. According to researchers who developed the interactive game Hooked on Music, the three most easily recognizable UK hit singles of all-time where performed by The Spice Girls, Lou Bega, and Survivor. Name the titles of these three songs.

4. What do the STE, and M stand for in the academic disciplines referred to by the acronym "STEM?"

5. List the five airports people from West Africa are required to arrive at when entering the United States? (I am looking for the cities where the airports are located, but would also accept the airport's names instead.)

Round One Answers
1. Young girls have picked them everyone.
2. Dollar
3. Saint Jude
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Wonder Woman
6. Nike
7. Amish Paradise
8. reptile (lizard)
9. The Berlin Wall
10. Styx

Round Two Answers
1. Sam Adams
2. galaxies
3. American Express Card
4. The Fire Ant
5. Frank Sinatra
6. orange
7. Budokan
8. sweet potato
9. Davy Crockett
10. radical (1964 vs. A: 1980)

Harry Potter Answers
1. Fawkes
2. Harry Potter
3. Lord Voldemort and Dolores Umbridge
4. JamesLily, and Albus
5. Augusta Longbottom

Round Three Answers
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. the wolf
3. Hitler and Mussolini
4. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989; MCV March 13, 1992
5. Madonna
6. Egg White Delight
7. Osama bin Laden
8. Tia Carrere or Cassandra
9. The New York Knicks
10. Those who died serving in the military; all who have served in the military

Bonus Round Answers
1. Lee Harvey Oswald
2. Beuregard and Lukas
3. WannabeMambo No. 5Eye of the Tiger
4. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
5. JFK International Airport in New YorkNewark International Airport in New Jersey, Dulles International Airport outside Washington, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, or O’Hare Internal Airport in Chicago